Learning about the behaviour of perks club members

The Product

Clube is the perks club for all subscribers of the newspaper O Popular. It offers exclusive discounts for a variety of services such as restaurants, hotels, beauty treatments, and cinemas.

The Challenge

Physical cards were originally the medium used by club members to activate their perks at restaurants, hotels, and other partners. However, due to the cost and logistics, this had to be changed.

Vouchers were adopted as a replacement, but there was some user friction.

Members had to access the website and print the vouchers before every use. This change ended up not being adopted by either users or business partners.

Our goal was to understand what was withholding user adoption of the product.

The Solution

The insights we collected were decisive in understanding our users’ behaviours, leading us to map features and list requirements for the ideal solution.

Even though I have not advanced to the design phase, we collected enough information to shape strategies capable of achieving the goals of increasing adoption and measuring usage data.

Providing ease of use and constant product updates seems to be the best solution for these main identified problems.


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Aline Marques, Product Manager


Our initial hypothesis stated that subscribers were not aware of the benefits available or, even worse, about the Clube itself.

If we wanted to increase user adoption, we had to grasp the users’ perspective of the product. We applied quantitative and qualitative research to analyse different aspects of the problem.


Are members using the product?
If not, why?

Through our call-centre force, we applied quantitative research with 945 subscribers, and 82% haven’t been using the perks club recently. The main given reasons were:


of subscribers haven’t
been using the perks club


are not aware of the product


lack of time, opportunity, or habit


have no physical card or login access


How has the product been utilised by its active users?

In the qualitative research, I interviewed 15 active Clube users about their usage habits. The interviewees were men and women aged 55 to 75 years old, as this represents the majority of the newspaper subscribers.
There were some common findings:

Getting updates

The print newspaper is how they get updates about new discount offerings and new club partners

Low Website Activity

Accessing the Clube website, either to get updates or print vouchers, is a rare behaviour


Forgetting their own passwords is the main reason for not accessing the website

Physical Card

The physical card is said to be practical to use and has been missed by most of the interviewees.

Building empathy

To shape the product, we brought together different areas in the organisation to share our knowledge and align our understandings of customers’ values and needs.

I facilitated a workshop session with marketing specialists, customer service, commercial managers, and engineers using tools like the Empathy map and the Value Proposition Canvas.


At the end of our discovery process, we achieved a good understanding of what was curbing user adoption. The interviews helped clarify what problems users were facing with the product, and the workshops served as an initial step in designing our solution. A few highlights:


User Friction

There is a lot of user friction – from accessing the website to printing vouchers – that decreases product use. The perks club looks too bureaucratic for its members.


Ease of use

To investigate technical and cost availability to build an app. It seems to be the best solution to provide ease of use and constant product updates, the main identified problems. Push notifications could notify users about new Clube partners and discount offerings.


Digital Barrier

There is a digital barrier by senior users, most subscribers, who face a hard time remembering their login information.


App Feature

Measurement of how much money the user saved by using the perks club, and inform this through the app as a retention strategy.


Marketing Campaigns

As the newspaper is how members get updated on the product, marketing campaigns in both print and digital versions should help boost product awareness and increase adoption


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